Beekeeping Suits & Jackets

Stop Bees Having Directed Access To Your Skin with these Strong & Durable Beekeeper Suits.
Made to give you room to move & available in seven colors, you will feel safe and secure when attending your bees.
Apiarist Beginners Beekeeping Suits & Jackets
Beekeeping Cotton Suits for Professional Beekeepers
Ventilated Beekeeping Suits with Round & Fencing Veils

The Apiarist Beginner Beekeeping Suits are a very traditional bee suit intended as an entry-level suit for someone new to keeping bees.

Sting protection is paramount for any bee suit, so with this suit, as will all our suits metal YKK zippers are used along with our very own non-flammable veil.

This suit is made of a strong polycotton. This beekeeping suit aim is to create an enclosed environment to stop bees having unimpeded access to your skin. This bee suit is reinforced with Velcro and elasticated seals.

The Max Protect Professional Beekeeping Suits are the next step up. If you are and experience beekeeper and are attending multiplies hives or you just want something better, then this suit is for you.

Fitted with metal YKK zippers (18 inch Leg zippers), and two non-flammable veils, one fencing and one round. Made of cotton, this suit is soft and breathable, and more sting resistant than the Apiarist suit.

Can withstand detergents, and bleach, so is easily cleaned and machine washable As cotton is a natural this suit is also recyclable and biodegradable

The Zephyros Protect 3 Layer Ventilated Suits are the best of the best when it comes to sting protection. Also fitted metal YKK zippers, with 18 inch leg zippers and two non-flammable veils (fencing and round)

What makes this suit special is that it has 3 layers of fabric, making this bee suit very sting proof and comfortable to wear in hot climates

If you really hate being stung, or you live in a warm state or country, then this suit is made for you.

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Beekeeping suits designed to help meet the individual needs of beekeepers

We want you to take up beekeeping, we don't want you to quit, to us this means making sure you are safe and sting-free.
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