Beekeeper Supplies Needed For Beekeeping

by James Bailey on November 23, 2020

Any beekeeping needs to have the right supplies. It is a hobby that can cause a certain degree of danger too. The risk can be decreased if the correct supplies are used. These supplies are not only necessary for the maintenance of the bees in their colonies, but they are also needed for the honey to be extracted. The beekeeper supplies always need to be available for the extraction work to go on smoothly.

beekeeping equipment and supplies

The beekeeper safety is of primary importance in the process of keeping the bees. There are many methods that can be used to ensure the safety of the keeper. Protective clothing is the primary method that can be used to protect. The clothing that helps to protect include hat, veil and gloves that are part of the complete beekeeping suit. The face needs the maximum protection because it is the part of the body that can be very vulnerable to a sting. The veil and the hat play an important role in the protection of the face. The suit that is part of the beekeeping equipment should not only be full length, but should also be light enough to allow freedom of movement for the beekeeper. The suit should be sturdy enough too, so that it protects the beekeeper from being stung. Many beekeepers think that the gloves are difficult to manage as they are not able to do delicate activities in the process of extraction of the honey, but the gloves form important protective beekeeping equipment.

A smoker is an important part of the beekeeper supplies because it helps to calm the bees. This is an equipment that emits smoke. There are various kinds of fuels that can be used to emit the smoke and some of the common fuels that are used include twine, pine needles, wood that has become rotten, hessian and even corrugated cardboard. Aerosol cans of smoke have also been very helpful for the same purpose. Some beekeepers also use paper that is pulped or even cotton to help in creating smoke. The necessity for the smoke when the honey is being collected is varied. The main need for the smoke is to reduce the effect of the pheromones that are released by the bees. Other than this, the bees also get confused thinking that a fire is going to engulf the hive. This confusion among the bees prevent any defense by the bees and this gives enough time for the beekeeper to extract the honey. This highlights the importance of beekeeper equipment and beekeeper supplies in the extraction of honey.

beehive bee smoker

Many bee colonies gather their food, but to increase the productivity of the bees, sugar syrup is given as a supplement by some beekeepers. This easy food helps to stimulate the bees to lay more eggs. The availability of the food supplement also helps the bees to tide over difficult times when less food is available. Feeders can be used to help feed the bees and this is part of the beekeeper supplies that can be bought. Different methods of feeders are available in the market and some of these can be used in the winter and others in summer.

The place where the bees live is also important. A foundation built of wax will help the bees in creating a comb around it. It is the best method of creating a base for the bees to build on. This is also easy for a beekeeper to harvest. The foundation is another important component of beekeeper equipment.

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