beekeeping resources and websites

We have been fortunate to come from a family of beekeepers and no shame about asking them for help. Every one of our friends and family has been approached, some of them many times, with requests for information and advice about managing our bees.

We are also blessed that within the beekeeping community there are many books, websites and papers on bees, beekeeping and related subjects.

When starting out, or as a seasoned beekeeper, help and new information is always welcome, that’s why we have provided this list of beekeeping local resources by State to help you find support and their wealth of experience.


Auburn Agriculture. "It’s our work that makes the world work. Finding sustainable food and energy sources for billions of people is a massive job. But at the Auburn University College of Agriculture, it’s our work"

Alabama beekeepers. "Regional beekeeping classes available to anyone interested in getting started in beekeeping or to those who are simply curious about honeybees and beekeeping"

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System Beekeeping Program. "Provides extension and outreach programs for Alabama beekeepers, growers, homeowners and gardeners"


SABA: Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association. "Takes part in various functions throughout the year, including: Beekeeping Classes, Hands On Hive Checks, Alaska State Fair Educational Booth, Garden Shows"

Alaska Beekeeping Club – ABC Simple Treatment free Beekeeping. "Is founded on the idea that Honey Bees represent a pure natural environment, and where the honey bees’ home can be kept clean, and free of artificial creations"


Beekeepers Association of Central Arizona. "Our goals are to educate and encourage our members and others interested in bees with their beekeeping skills and for an opportunity to meet and to share their knowledge and experience"

Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers Association. "The purpose of this association is to support the efforts of its members as they work together to advance the health and well being of honeybees, and to encourage organic beekeeping practices in our home bioregion"

Honey Hive Farms. "Hands on Beekeeping Classes"


North East Arkansas Beekeepers Association. "Basic Beekeeping, a source of information for getting started keeping bees and then some"

Central Arkansas Beekeepers Association.

North West Arkansas Beekeepers Association. "Provides area beekeepers with the opportunity to share information with other hobby or commercial beekeepers. The association also promotes the benefits of bees and beekeeping for Northwest Arkansas whether you are involved in backyard gardening or large scale agricultural operations"


California Beekeeping Association. "Educating the public about the beneficial aspects of honey bees, advance research beneficial to beekeeping practices, provide a forum for cooperation among beekeepers, and to support the economic and political viability of the beekeeping industry"

Beekeepers Association of Southern California. "A group dedicated to helping urban bees survive, networking, helping new beekeepers"

Los Angeles Beekeeping Association. "We teach responsible beekeeping for an urban environment, adhering to Best Management Practices for the bees, beekeepers, and general public. All are Welcome!"


Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association. "The Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association, a non-profit organization, exists to provide a reasonable and much-needed voice for commercial beekeepers in Colorado, but also to foster and develop constructive relationships with farmers, growers, regulators and any interested stakeholders wanting to support a robust beekeeping industry in Colorado"

Western Colorado Beekeepers Association. "Share the joys and frustrations of raising Honeybees in the numerous micro-climates of Western Colorado. Llocal Beekeepers who want to share and expand their beekeeping knowledge"

Colorado State Beekeeper Association. "Interested in allied industries for the purpose of producing better beekeeping methods, better beekeepers, and a more unified system of apicultural work in Colorado"


A Club for the Hobbyist Beekeeper, in Southwestern Connecticut. "Sharing knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping, and to educate and promote the benefits of beekeeping to the public"

Connecticut Beekeepers Association.

Beginner Beekeeping classes in Coventry, Connecticut and Mystic, Connecticut. "Classes geared toward helping the beginning beekeeper"


Delaware Beekeepers Association. "To educate members and the public about the importance of honeybees, their role in the pollination of plant species, and the joys and benefits of beekeeping"

University of Delaware Apiculture Program. "The Apiculture Program has flourished over the years and currently has many facets: teaching, extension. and research. The Apiculture Program’s main goal is to provide hands-on experience centered on the amazing honey bee and other native pollinators"

Delaware Valley University Beekeeping Courses. "Designed for hobbyists, beginning beekeepers or for experts needing a refresher"


South Florida Beekeepers Association. "Education & mentoring is our goal, with every meeting will leave you a better beekeeper"

Florida State Beekeepers. "Dedicated to keeping Florida apiculture strong and healthy now and for future generations. The Association is the major voice for the state's beekeeping industry"

University of Florida: Honey Bee Research & Extension Lab's. "Efforts are varied, yet focused into three distinct areas: beekeeper extension, African bee extension, and general honey bee extension"


Georgia Beekeeping Association. "As the state organization for Georgia beekeepers, they provide connections for beekeepers across the state"

Heart of Georgia Beekeeper’s. "A colony for beekeeper's of all ages and stages."

Georgia Master Beekeeper Program. "Honey bee research at the University of Georgia addresses sustainable bee health management issues as well as more basic questions on bee pollination and foraging ecology"


University of Hawaii: Beekeeping Certificate. "UH Hilo has been recognized by the media, public, and state Senate for its efforts to bring greater awareness to the honey bee, an important and vital pollinator of many crops"

Hawaii Beekeepers' Association's "To assist and educate beekeepers, to maintain beekeepers' individual rights, to encourage beekeeping as a hobby and an industry, to promote natural beekeeping methods and to create a positive public image of beekeeping and bee"

Big Island Beekeepers Association. "Assisting fellow beekeepers; to educate beekeepers and the public in matters related to honey bees and beekeeping"


Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club - Boise, ID. "Provides a great opportunity for everyone with an interest in bees to come & gather great resources and knowledge about the honeybee. Practical knowledge, workshops and demonstrations are provided throughout the year"

Offering Classes in Western Idaho. "If you are new to beekeeping, or thinking about it, I recommend you stick around, and I will give you a tour of my beekeeping world"

Magic Valley Beekeepers, Twin Falls, Idaho. "Is a group of beekeepers and wanna"bees" in Southern Idaho who get together to share information and ideas on beekeeping"


Central Illinois Beekeepers Association. "Serving the needs of our beekeeping members, while providing education and public outreach"

Heart of Illinois Beekeepers Association. "Dedicated to the development of good beekeeping management and practices, the pollination of agricultural crops, the production of honey and honey related food products, and the general education for and about honeybees"


Indiana Beekeeping School, educational organization. "In addition, to the beekeeping school, we financially support honeybee research through various researchers"

South-eastern Indiana Beekeepers Association. "Indiana State Beekeepers Association, and Indiana Beekeepers Association"

The Beekeepers of Indiana - The Official Organization for All Indiana Beekeepers. "We have several other sessions including History of Beekeeping in Indiana, How to Render Your Beeswax"


East Central Iowa Beekeepers. "Representing Johnson and surrounding counties in providing education, resources, support and promoting interest in the fascinating field of beekeeping"

Iowa Department of Agriculture. "Entomology and Plant Science Bureau Beekeeping Resources in Iowa"


Northern Kansas Beekeeping Association. "Founded in 1948 to serve the needs of beekeepers with the object of advancing the education of the public in Apiculture"

Kansas Honey Producers Association. "Started over a 111 years ago for the purpose of promoting good beekeeping practices, to promote honey, to enable beekeepers from various areas to meet and share experiences and ideas, and to publicize the honey bee as an important contributor to the nation's food supply"

Kansas Rural Center. "Beekeeping Groups around Kansas"


Kentucky State Beekeepers Association. "A volunteer-led, non-profit organization dedicated to beekeeping in Kentucky"

The Northern Kentucky Beekeepers Association. "We are an organization of beekeeping enthusiasts. Beekeeping is a centuries old hobby - keeping and caring for honeybees to preserve them for their usefulness in pollinating plants"


Louisiana Beekeepers Association, Inc. "Committed to the preservation and sustainability of the honey bee as a pollinator and producer of agricultural, industrial, medicinal and consumer friendly products, through education and scientific research"

Southeast Louisiana Beekeepers. "Resource website for any Beekeepers in Southeast Louisiana" http:


Maine State Beekeepers Association "The best way to get to know other beekeepers in your area and pool information and experience. Sponsor ofbee schools, open-hive sessions, guest speakers, and other educational events"

Maine Department of Agriculture. "Conservation, & Forestry: Apiary (Honey Bee) Program"


Maryland State Beekeepers Association. "A non-profit organization that has been dedicated to the advancement of beekeeping and the improvement of beekeeping skills in Maryland since 1908"

University of Maryland Extension. "The Anne Arundel County Master Gardener Beekeeping Project"


Massachusetts Beekeepers Association. "Bee Schools - You can learn how to keep honey bees, and enjoy harvesting your own honey and beeswax"

Middlesex County Beekeepers' Association. "Meetings, Beginner’s Classes, Workshops, Hive Openings, Mentors, Bee Removals, and more"

Worcester County Beekeepers Association. "Packed with information from nationally-known speakers"


Michigan Beekeepers Association. "Offering Beekeeping classes"

SEMBA, the South-eastern Michigan Beekeepers Association. "The latest information and methods of beekeeping. Cooperation among beekeepers, honey producers and consumers. Assist, Michigan Beekeepers' Association, the Michigan Department of Agriculture, the Michigan State University Department of Entomology, and other local, state and national beekeeping organizations"


University of Minnesota. "Beekeeping in Northern Climates, Year 1: Getting Started in Beekeeping"

Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association. "We are a friendly association of over 400 beekeepers and those who are simply interested in bees and their wellbeing. Our group is nicely balanced between new beekeepers and those who are highly experienced"


Mississippi State University. "Offers a Basic Introduction to Beekeeping which provides instruction on how to get started in beekeeping"

Minnesota Honey Producers Association. "Nonprofit organization made up of commercial and hobby beekeepers. The goal of the organization is to promote the use of honey and to provide a better understanding of the role of honeybees throughout the Midwest"


NEMOBA: Northeast Missouri Beekeepers Association. "To facilitate education and interest in honey bees and beekeeping; to encourage beginners to become successful beekeepers; and to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences with fellow beekeepers of the local tri-state area of Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois"

Missouri State Beekeepers Association. "Serving Missouri beekeepers, farmers, gardeners, and consumers"

The Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks. "Offering membership and classes"


Montana Department of Agriculture. "Providing information for Beekeepers in Montana"

University of Montana. "School of Extended & Lifelong Learning Online – Beekeeping Certificate Program"


Omaha Bee Club. "A local bee club in Omaha, Nebraska helping our area beekeepers be successful"

Nebraska Beekeepers Association. "Local Resources for Nebraska Beekeepers"


Northern Nevada Beekeepers Association. "Dedicated to building the beekeeping community and educating about the benefits of responsible beekeeping"

Las Vegas/Southern Nevada Beekeepers. "For those interested in the hobby of beekeeping in Southern Nevada"

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Beekeepers Association. "All About Beekeeping In New Hampshire"

Pawtuckaway Beekeepers Association. "Meet to learn about, discuss and promote all aspects of beekeeping and honey production. Hhobbyist and commercial beekeepers and those who are interested in becoming beekeepers"

Monadnock Beekeepers Association. "A beekeeping club for beginning and experienced beekeepers in the Monadnock and Connecticut River Valley regions"

New Jersey

New Jersey Beekeepers Association. "Dedicated to the promotion and support of all aspects of beekeeping in New Jersey"

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. "Learn how to be a beekeeper in this hands-on course that teaches students how to start, maintain and care for a honey bee colony"

Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association. "A division of New Jersey Beekeepers Association, open to beekeepers and anyone interested in beekeeping"

New Mexico

New Jersey Beekeepers Association. "A non-profit organization of private beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, persons interested in promoting the importance of the honey bee in the environment, and businesses related to the honey industry. Representing all regions of New Mexico, the Association maintains a close affiliation with the State of New Mexico’s Department of Agriculture"

Albuquerque Beekeepers. "A community site for beekeepers in Albuquerque"

New Bee Rescue. "Assisting new, intermediate or advanced beekeepers"

New York

New York City Beekeepers Association. "Learn how to invigorate your vegetables and fortify your flowers (and those of the neighborhood) while contributing to the environment and ensuring yourself as much as 100 lbs of pure raw honey per year per hive"

Cornell University Pollinator Network @ Cornell. "A great website for information on bee research taking place at Cornell, news and upcoming events, and for a variety of extension materials related to pollinators and beekeeping"

Steuben County Honey Bee Association. "To promote scientific bee culture, improved honey marketing, and form a strong bond between honey producers in the area"

North Carolina

Caswell County Beekeepers Association. "Promoting beekeeping in Caswell County, NC"

North Carolina State Beekeepers Association. "Volunteer led organization comprised of more than four thousand active members, almost all of which are hobbyist beekeepers that are also members of a network of local beekeeping associations"

Clemson University Extension Service and Public Service and Agriculture (PSA). "Dedicated to the educational support of SC’s beekeeping industry and agriculture through pollination"

North Dakota

North Dakota State University Extension Entomology. "Protecting bees from insecticide poisoning and building a pollinator garden"

North Dakota Beekeeping Association. "Organization of Beekeepers that do business in North Dakota. Some are hobbyists and some are commercial. We sell honey, and pollinate crops, collect pollen and process bees wax"


Ohio State University - Bee Lab Education. "Research and outreach related to honey bees, wild bees and other pollinators"

Ohio State Beekeepers Association. "Serves beekeepers in Ohio and is associated with other organizations who have an interest in beekeeping"

SouthWestern Ohio Beekeepers Association. "Beekeeping in Cincinnati and surrounding counties"


Queen Bri’s Honey. "Beginning Beekeeping Class in Oklahoma City"

Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association.

Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association.

Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association. "Simply a group of beekeepers that comes together to promote beekeeping to the general public and support fellow beekeepers around our region"


The Oregon Master Beekeeper Program. "Represents a cooperative effort between Oregon State University and the Oregon State Beekeepers Association"

Oregon State Beekeepers Association. "A nonprofit organization dedicated to the well-being of honey bees and to the fields of beekeeping, apiculture, research, and education"

Central Oregon Beekeeping Association. "Promote effective, economic and successful regional beekeeping through education, collaboration, communication and research in the spirit of friendship"


Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association. "Supporting beekeepers, advocating for research and educating the public has continued for 110 years"

Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc. (PennApic). "Home to the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association and the National Honey Bee Day program"

North Western Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association - NWPBA. "Have been an important resource in maintaining a working relationship with local media, farm organizations and a growing interest in beekeeping"

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Beekeepers Association (RIBA.

South Carolina

Laurens County Beekeepers Association, South Carolina. "Educate the public and our own members the importance of honey bees as pollinators"

South Carolina Beekeepers Association. "Non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy ensuring that South Carolina beekeepers have the information and tools they need to meet the challenges of modern beekeeping"

Charleston Area Beekeepers Association, Inc. (CABA) "Volunteer organization comprised of members mainly from (but not limited to) the general vicinity around Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Members are beekeepers, researchers, and people who enjoy beekeeping as a hobby or simply wish to promote bees and beekeeping to benefit our local and global economy, educate our youth, and improve our overall health and wellness"

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Agriculture. "Beekeeping/Apiary Resources"

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers. "Provides a forum to share knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping"


Tennessee Beekeepers Association. "Promotion of modern, scientific beekeeping throughout Tennessee, encouragement of youth in the art of beekeeping, and informing the public of the importance of the honey bee"

Tennessee Valley Beekeepers Association (TVBA). "Promoting the study, science and craft of beekeeping"

Nashville Area Beekeepers Association. "Dedicated group of beekeepers in the Nashville, TN area who are eager to encourage and equip those interested in beekeeping"


Texas A&M. "Texas Master Beekeeper Program designed to increase the knowledge and skill level of participating beekeepers"

Texas Beekeepers Association. "Everyone who cares about the plight of the honey bee and who understands the great need to preserve this master pollinator are welcome"

Central Texas Beekeepers Association.

Urban Beekeeping in Austin, TX. "A Chronicle of experience to benefit, and provide a good resource for first time beekeepers"

East Texas Beekeepers Association. "Educate members and the general public about the honeybees and beekeeping activities"


Utah Beekeepers Association. "Since 1892 as Currently Organized, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's"

University of Utah Beekeeper's Association. "Educate people about honeybees and to promote backyard beekeeping at the University and throughout the local community"


Southern Vermont Beekeepers Association. "We welcome beginner and veteran members from all communities in Southern Vermont and Eastern New York"

Vermont Beekeeping Association. "Represents hundreds of beekeepers that raise bees for the love and honey"

Addison County Beekeepers Association Vermont. "Anyone is invited to join our meetings whether you are a seasoned veteran, a beginner or just interested in beekeeping. We meet once a month to discuss and share information about beekeeping with a featured speaker or topic"


Virginia State Beekeepers Association. "Apiculture education and the use of more productive methods of beekeeping within the state, the development of both the scientific and practical aspects of apiculture, protect and further apiculture, relations with individuals, businesses and other organizations which share a common interest in apiculture"

Northern Virginia Beekeepers Association. "Public outreach and education programs, beginning beekeeping courses, mentoring of new beekeepers, honey bee removal, monthly meetings and special programs with guest speakers and local experts"

Norfolk Beekeepers Association. "Norfolk Beekeepers is the youngest local beekeeper's association in Virginia. Although we are based in Norfolk, this association is for anyone in the Hampton Roads area"

Rappahannock Beekeepers Association. "Serves the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford county area but have members from Orange and Caroline counties"


Washington State Beekeepers Association. "Help maintain vibrant local beekeeping organizations, assist the agricultural community, improve relations between Beekeepers, Government Agencies, and the Public, promote Beekeeping and bee products in the State of Washington and abroad, promote and maintain industry connections at the state, national, and international level, collectively represent all Beekeepers of Washington State"

Inland Empire Beekeeping Association. "Non-profit group for the purpose of educating and offering a forum to both hobbyists and professional beekeepers in the area surrounding Spokane, Washington and Northern Idaho"

Olympia Beekeepers Association. "A non-profit organization which provides education, training and support for beekeepers in Thurston County, promoting the management of and interest in honeybees and other insects for production and pollination"

North-Central Washington Beekeepers Association. "Beekeepers and supporting members in the North Central Washington area who are interested in protecting honeybees by education, outreach, and research. Primarily backyard beekeepers with a wide range of experience and interests, all improving our skills through our community. Spread from Lake Wenatchee to Manson to Malaga to Moses Lake, and everywhere in between"

Washington, D.C.

DC Beekeepers Alliance. "Our members have colonies in community gardens, schools, backyards, embassies, businesses, places of worship, and an amazing variety of urban locations around DC"

Howard County Beekeepers. "Howard County Beekeepers"

West Virginia

West Virginia Beekeepers Association.

North Central West Virginia Beekeepers Association. "Monthly Meetings,Family Fun, Beginner Beekeepers Class, Field Days, Involvement with WVBA"

Marion County Beekeepers Association in Fairmont WV. "Strives to educate members and create a thriving community. The community wishes to spread the love for bees and will help new members learn about how to care and nurture there own hives by offering a course available to all members of the association. There are also one-on-one mentors that you can contact"


Wisconsin Honey Producers. "Promote the importance of beekeeping and advancing the public’s education in the importance of bees in the environment"

Milwaukee Waukesha Beekeepers Association. "A Place for New & Experienced Beekeepers in Southeast Wisconsin"

Wisconsin Pollinators. "Guide to Wisconsin Beekeeping Clubs and Associations "


Wyoming Beekeepers Association.

Puget Sound Beekeepers Association. "Founded in 1948 and exists to promote common interest and general welfare of beekeeping, to protect honey bees, to educate beekeepers, encourage good bee management practices, and to encourage good relations between beekeepers and the public"

If there is one thing to know about beekeeping then that is that you can never have too many books, articles or magazines on the subject. I have loads of them that I have collected over the years, from many different countries. Amidst all of these, where is the best place to start?

Well for me, I always head straight to my local beekeeping association or college. I have found them to be the best source of information and help. Offering hands on experience with a good understand of the temperament and behaviour of bees in your area. Also, there’s often an experienced local beekeeper that is available to help you out, should something go wrong.

Beekeeping is fun, challenging and extremely rewarding, with honey just being a small part of it. What I love is learning to live with my bees, watching them in my garden, managing their lives in their hive year after year.

With the support of your local associations and their experienced beekeepers, you will have a fascinating pastime.  

Authors: Leslie Reason & James Bailey