City Beekeeping! What It Takes To Keep Bees in The Big City

by James Bailey on January 01, 2021

It is natural that as insects and bees prefer the wild rather than artificial human inhabited areas to build their hives. Also, inhabited areas would not prefer the bees to build hives in cities for the fear of their stings.

beekeeping is the City (Urban) But, as every coin has two sides, the other side of this problem is this; does this mean you, a city dweller, who is very interested in beekeeping and wants to start a serious business, have to go into the wild to live and start beekeeping because you cannot do it in the city?

Of course not; city beekeeping is permissible if you follow the rules and regulations, and takes certain precautions for beekeeping. The first step in city beekeeping is discussing it over with your immediate neighbors. You have to tell your neighbors your intentions of beekeeping hobby and that you are serious about this business. You have to also assure them that your bees would not create any nuisance or disturb them.

Once you get the approval, the next step in your beekeeping hobby would be to locate a good source of water near the hive. It's true that bees can travel long distances for their materials, but for water you wouldn't want them to invade your neighbor's swimming pool or water tank? If you have no source of water, you have to install one for everyone's safety.

The third step in city beekeeping would be to build high fences. Even though you do not like or hate the idea about putting up fences, you have to build them to hide the hive. Even though your neighbors know about your newly found hobby, you would not want them to see the hive daily and fear that the bees may fly over and sting them! Also, fences will protect your hive from strong winds.

The next step in city beekeeping would be to control the swarm. You must make sure that the bee colonies have young queens. This way, the swarm would not only be less, it would also help in strengthening their colonies.

beekeeping smoker

The fifth step in city beekeeping would be to have the hive entrance well directed. Never keep the opening of the hive towards the roads or places where people frequently move around. This may harm the people when the bees take a journey to and fro.

Other than the above, there are other necessities in city beekeeping - species of bees, working of the bees, laws for beekeeping, etc.

Source: S.Dharshi 

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