How To Install Your New package of Bees

by James Bailey on March 29, 2021

box of bess

Installing a bee package

The best time to launch your beekeeping project is in spring. It is the blooming season for flowers and trees, and your bees will have an ample supply of nectar and colony. Ensure you install it in the late afternoon.

Here is how you install a new package of bees

  1. Remove the inner and outer cover of the hive.
  2. Remove four or five frames from one end of the hive body.
  3. Spray a sugar solution lightly on the remaining frames and the inner side of the hive body.
  4. Before opening the package, spray your bees with sugar syrup so that they do not fly around. When you spray them, they begin to feed on the syrup. Full-bellied bees are always calm.
  5. Pry open the box with a hive tool, remove the top cover and feeder from the package and take out the queen cage. Ensure to replace the lid on the package so that your bees do not escape.
  6. Inspect whether the queen is well and healthy and insert the cage between two center flames. You can rubber band the cage onto the frames to place it securely.
  7. Dislodge the bees by shaking the package vigorously. Remove the covering on the package again and shake the bees into the hive. You may need to remove one or two more frames for it to create more space. Continue shaking until the majority of the bees are out. Don't worry about those that stray away, they will still find their way to the hive.
  8. Put the sugar syrup at the entrance of the hive.
  9. Carefully insert the frames into the hive body so as not to squish the bees.
  10. You can now place the inner and outer cover of the hive and let the magic begin.
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