The Best Beekeeping Supplies You Need For Beekeeping

by James Bailey on December 29, 2020

Beekeeping is one of today's preferred past times, because it provides people with honey all year round. It is also an inexpensive hobby that can easily turn into a backyard business. However, everyone knows that beekeeping is quite dangerous because you can be stung by bees any time. It is then important to keep yourself protected by using the beekeeper supplies.

beekeeping supplies

Here are some of the most essential tools for beekeeping necessary to make your beekeeping hobby a safe and enjoyable one:

1. Beekeeper Suit

A beekeeper suit is one of the most important supplies for beekeeping that you need to invest on. A good beekeeper suit will go with a hat, a veil and gloves that can cover the areas of the body that are usually exposed, like the face, the legs, arms and hands. The body suit should be white and made of strong but lightweight material that can protect you from bee stings. Gloves are necessary to protect your hands from bee stings, although there are some who prefer not to use them. Put a good beekeeper suit on top of your list of beekeeper supplies to prevent yourself from being stung.

2. Bee Feeder

Tools for beekeeping also include a feeder where you can put some supplements like sugar syrup for your bees. Although bees are self-reliant and know where to find nourishment, they would still need supplements to keep them healthy. Bee feeders come in different forms - it can be a hive pail, a division board or a hive top, which come in handy during the winter months. During summer, you can let your bees use an entrance bee feeder.

3. Bee Hives

Next on your list of beekeeper materials is the bee hive. You can use an artificial bee hive, which often has a foundation made of a thin sheet of wax. Bee hives are often used to encourage the bees to make their honeycombs which will make harvesting honey easier.

4. Bee Smokers

You would need to add a bee smoker on your list of equipment for beekeeping list. This is used to emit smoke into the bee hives to calm the bees. Most of these bee smokers use cardboard, burlap, old wood, pine needles and twine as fuel. With a bee smoker, the bees can not detect the pheromones which warn them of the presence of an intruder. The bees are then fooled into thinking that they need to leave the hive which makes them eat more. As they eat, the beekeeper can get inside the hive and harvest the honey, without fear of being attacked by the bees.

These are just a few of the essential beekeeper supplies which you can use for your beekeeping hobby. Using the right beekeeping equipment will get you protected from bee stings and would allow you to manage your bees better.

Source: ShakD is a beekeeping enthusiast,

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