Stop Bees Having Directed Access To Your Skin.

Apiarist Suits and Jackets, ideal for beekeepers who don't want or need professional-level gear to manage their bees.

Feel Safe Attending To Your Bees This suit has been designed to be protective and durable for many seasons in hardworking outdoor environments. The Apiarist beekeeping suit gives plenty of room to move freely without worrying about ripping seams or zips separating. It has been cut to adapt to body sizes without distorting or restricting your movements.

Made of Polycotton fabric (65% Cotton, 35% Polyester blend) to combine the soft and moisture-absorbing properties of cotton with the toughness properties of polyester, woven at the ideal thickness to prevent stings make them lightweight and comfortable to wear all year round.

Discover Your Beekeeping Journey, While Being Safely Protected

Beekeeping Jackets are easy to put on, making them great for quick visits to your hive when you don't need the protection of a full suit.

Conditioned to feel good on your skin and kind to bees, with neat seams, smooth fabric, beautiful detailing, they make you look and feel great.

Beginner Apiarist Beekeeping Suits & Jackets

Apiarist Beekeeping Suit - Polycotton - Non-Flammable Fencing Veil - Backyard Beekeeper

$129.99 USD$199.99 USD

Apiarist Beekeeping Jacket - Polycotton - Non-Flammable Fencing Veil - Backyard Beekeeper

$99.99 USD$149.99 USD
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