Three Great Beekeeping Gloves That Give Your Hands Sting-free Protection and Dexterity.

Unlike, beekeeping suits gloves need a snug fit. This will help you go through your work at your beehives, especially when you are handling bees, as you need to be as gentle as you can. This would be difficult if your beekeeping gloves are a size too big.

Thicker beekeeping gloves provide the best protection, as a bee sting will get stuck in the glove and not penetrate far enough to contact your skin.

More experienced beekeepers prefer thinner gloves, as allows them more feel to handle the bees more gentle.

Cowhide vs. Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves. There are a wide variety and qualities in both cowhide and goatskin, but generally speaking, Cowhide gives better protection and Goatskin more feel. Goatskin can be split and shaved to a lighter weight than cowhide. This is advantageous if you desire more dexterous and a closer fit. Cowhide gives better tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and better stretch.

Goatskin & Cowhide Beekeeping Gloves - Protect Your Hands & Arms from Stings

Ventilated Beekeeping Gloves - Adjustable Sleeves & Sting Proof Cuffs

$49.99 USD

Ventilated Beekeeping Gloves - Sting Proof Cuffs - Goatskin/Cowhide

$49.99 USD

Beekeeping Gloves - Sting Proof Cuffs - Goatskin/Cowhide

$29.99 USD$39.99 USD
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