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100% Cotton or Polycotton Beekeeping Suits & Jackets. Cotton is a fully breathable, abrasion-resistant fabric, being cooler to wear in hot conditions. Polyester does not breathe but is more tear-resistant. Polycotton combines polyester with cotton, reducing cost. Regarding safety, cotton fibers that are have not treated for fire-resistance will tend to burn away, where polyester will melt. If working outdoors, particularly in hot climates, 100% cotton is normally the better choice.

Cowhide vs. Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves. Gloves There are a wide variety and qualities in both cowhide and goatskin, but generally speaking Cowhide gives better protection and Goatskin more feel. Goatskin can be split and shaved to a lighter weight than cowhide. This is advantageous if you desire more dexterous and a closer fit. Cowhide gives better tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and better stretch.

Apiarist Beekeeping Suit Max Protect Beekeeping Suit Zephyros Ventilated Beekeeping Suit
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Start protecting yourself securely with this beautiful polycotton suit. Get more protection and comfort with
this professional cotton beekeeping suit.
Stay safe and fresh with the most advanced
beekeeping suit on the market.

Tested for the optimal blend of 65% cotton & 35% polyester for strength and durability.

Ideal thickness of 220 gsm for sting resistance and comfort for polycotton protective suits.

Breathable and soft making it vastly more comfortable to wear than Polycotton. As a thicker fabric is used (240 gsm), this cotton bee suit is more sting resistant than polycotton bee suits.

Cotton is a natural fiber, making this beekeeper jacket more sustainable, it will degrade naturally when disposed of, and is kinder to the environment. As this beekeeping jacket does not contain polyester it is more flame resistant.

Our 3rd generation Zephyros ventilated suit. With significantly improved fabrics and fasters, this is now the most sting resistant suit on the market.

Our own high-grade polycotton outer mesh with a fine coating of polished polyester to "prevent bees’ tiny legs getting caught on any lose fibers". This also helps make the suit very durable and tear resilient.

The 5 mm gap created by all layers gives all essential distance between you and the bees. As a bee’s stinger only protrudes 1.5 - 3mm, a bee sting can’t reach you.

This ventilated suit mesh has varying holes sizes. The outer mesh holes are very small to prevent a bees’ abdomen from getting through or caught. The larger holes the in second layer improves airflow and the durable inner mesh increase the robustness and longevity of the suit.

These three layers combined makes this suit incredibly breathable and sting proof, it is the safest and most comfortable suit ever made...
Protection & Comfort
We recommend this robust suit to novice beekeepers who don't want or need professional-level gear for a small apiary.
Protection & Comfort
This is a very rugged beekeeping suit, ideal for serious beekeepers with many hives to manage and harvest.
Protection & Comfort
High-quality, well-made bee suit with excellent sting protection and brilliant ventilation for novice or experienced beekeepers.
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  • Polycotton
  • 220 GSM Fabric
  • 1 Fencing Veil
  • Non-Flammable Veil Mesh
  • 6 Pockets
  • Metal Zips
  • 12" Leg Zip
  • Cotton
  • 240 GSM Fabric
  • 1 Fencing Veil
  • 1 Round Veil Adjustable
  • Non-Flammable Veil Mesh
  • 6 Pockets
  • Metal Zips
  • 18" Leg Zip
  • Polycotton & Latex
  • 3 Layers of Fabric
  • 1 Fencing Veil
  • 1 Round Veil Adjustable
  • Non-Flammable Veil Mesh
  • 6 Pockets
  • Metal Zips
  • 18" Leg Zip

We take pride in our protective clothing, therefore we only use the Best Fabric and Fasteners and Guarantee that our Beekeepers Suits & Jackets are fitted with Genuine YKK Zips and Genuine Velcro.

Beekeeping Suits, Jackets & Gloves (9)

Apiarist Beekeeping Suit - Polycotton - Non-Flammable Fencing Veil - Total Protection

$124.99 USD$149.99 USD

Max Protect Beekeeping Suit - 100% Cotton - Non-Flammable Fencing Veil - Maximum Protection

$199.99 USD$279.99 USD

Zephyros Beekeeping Suit - 3 Layer Ventilated - Non-Flammable Fencing Veil - Ultimate Comfort & Protection

$299.99 USD$499.99 USD

Apiarist Beekeeping Jacket- Polycotton - Fencing Veil - Total Protection

$84.99 USD$119.99 USD

Max Protect Beekeeping Jacket - 100% Cotton - Non-Flammable Fencing Veil - Maximum Protection

$139.99 USD$259.99 USD

Zephyros Beekeeping Jacket - 3 Layer Ventilated - Non-Flammable Fencing Veil - Ultimate Comfort & Protection

$199.99 USD$329.99 USD

Apiarist Replacement Beekeeping Veil - Polycotton - Nylon Mesh

$24.99 USD

Max Protect Replacement Beekeeping Veil - Fine Cotton - Non-Flammable Mesh

$29.99 USD

Zephyros Replacement Beekeeping Veil - 3 Layer Ventilated - Non-Flammable Mesh

$34.99 USD
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