Beekeeping Suits, Jackets & Gloves

100% Cotton or Polycotton Suits & Jackets

Cotton is a fully breathable, abrasion-resistant fabric, being cooler to wear in hot conditions. Polyester does not breathe, but is more tear resistant. Polycotton combines polyester with cotton, reducing cost.

Regarding safety, cotton fibers that are have not treated for fire-resistance will tend to burn away, where polyester will melt. If working outdoors, particularly in hot climates, 100% cotton is normally the better choice.

Cowhide vs. Goatskin Gloves

There are a wide variety and qualities in both cowhide and goatskin, but generally speaking Cowhide gives better protection and Goatskin more feel.

Goatskin can be split and shaved to a lighter weight than cowhide. This is advantageous if you desire more dexterous and a closer fit.  Cowhide gives better tensile strength, abrasion resistance and better stretch.

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ADJUSTABLE Beekeeping Gloves - Ventilated  Sleeves - Sting Proof Cuffs
STING PROOF CUFFS Beekeeping Gloves
VENTILATED SLEEVES Beekeeping Gloves - Sting Proof Cuffs
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Natural Apiary’s beekeeping suits, jackets and gloves provides a high level of confidence for the novice and the experienced beekeeper. By testing the products in their own apiary, it is possible to put themselves in the customer’s position to ensure usability at every touch point. Created by beekeepers for beekeepers. May we enjoy many more years of beekeeping together.

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