Innovation isn't always visible

For years we’ve been improving beekeeping suits, not only in the way they looks or perform, but also through on-going improvements within our supply chain and product design to reduce the environmental impact of one of our most iconic suits and jackets.


- New Apiarist Beekeeping Suits and Jackets

- New Ventilated Beekeeping Gloves

- New Cedar Beehives

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- More Apiarist Suit Colors

- New Sting Proof Cuffs on Gloves

- New Adjustable Beekeeper Gloves

- Stronger YKK Metal Zippers

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- More Flexible Redesign of Suits

- Stronger Suit & Glove Stitching

- New 2XS Suit & Jacket Size

- New 100% Cotton Beekeeping Suit

- New 3-Layer Ventilated Suit

- Stronger Reusable Packaging

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- Reduced Carbon Footprint

- Free Domestic Shipping

- New Pine Beehive Frames

- New Beeswax Beehive Foundation

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- More Suit Colors, More Choice for You

- Improved Quality of Suits and Gloves

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- Safer Stronger Suits and Jackets

- Safer Veils with Greater Visibility

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- New Beekeeping Smocks

- New Camo Ventilated Beekeeper Suits

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Coming in 2021

- Stronger and More Sting Resistant Beekeeper Gloves

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