Warranty Registration

Please Register for your product warranty here:

Ensure that you include your Order ID (Number) and Where you purchased from i.e. "Natural Apiary.com", Amazon.com", "Etsy.com", this will help us find your order details quicker when we need to help you.


Natural Apiary offers a 12-month warranty for products purchased through authorized channels and registered through Natural Apiary website. 

Replacement and Refund Policy

Natural Apiary warrants to replace or store credit any product proven to be defective throughout the warranty period. The warranty is not subject to the following conditions:

  •  Gifts without order ID
  •  Refunded purchases
  •  Lost or stolen purchases
  •  Purchases from unauthorized resellers
  •  Any damage caused by improper use
  •  Non-quality-related issues

Please Note:

All replacements do not have new warranties attached but will be covered by the warranties of the original purchases and the date that purchase was made.

Buyers must provide sufficient proof of purchase. Purchase proofs including order number (order ID) made from online purchases or sales invoices made from offline purchases.

Natural Apiary may ask for more than one type of purchase proofs and may require returning an item for defection inspection.

How to Claim Your Warranty

Please send us your warranty claim via support email and we will help you solving the problem within one business day.

Our support team is at your service at: customercare@naturalapiary.com

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