BEESWAX FOUNDATION Sheets - Langstroth & Dadant

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100% PURE: Natural Beeswax (Wired) Foundation Sheets

10 SHEETS: USA Standard Medium & Deep

SUITABLE: For Langstroth & Dadant Beehives



USA Standard Foundation for Medium Langstroth Beehive Boxes & Frames

This foundation is diagonally wired and the one continuous length is embedded into the freshly milled wax at an angle to the cells, eliminating any tendency to sag.

This Foundation Is Used In Langstroth Hive Frames.

100% Pure Beeswax

• 10 (TEN) Sheets per Box

WIRED Foundation Only

• Frame NOT Included

SIZE: MEDIUM Langstroth Frames: 16 ¾” (427mm) x 5 ⅜ (137mm) x ⅛” (3mm)

SIZE: DEEP Langstroth Frames: 16 ¾” (427mm) x 8 ⅜ (212mm) x ⅛” (3mm)

"... This Foundation SAVES Bees' Resources and Labour Building Their Combs - Allowing INCREASED Honey Production."

"... Encourages Bees To Build Straight Combs Within Wooden Frames, Allowing EASY & Rapid Management Of Your Bees... SAVING You Time."

"... And HELP Honey Extraction As Combs In Frames Are Strengthened With Wire."

"... Colonies Provided With THIS Foundation Can Develop Their Nest And Start Brood Rearing QUICKER, And Can Create More Surplus HONEY Than Colonies Given, Plastic or Just Starter Strips Of Wax…"

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